About Aradigm

Business Overview


Aradigm is actively engaged in fulfilling the promise of developing inhalation drug products that could revolutionize the quality of life of patients with severe pulmonary disease.

Since 1991, the company has attracted an outstanding team of scientists, engineers and clinical experts who have been at the forefront of development of advanced inhalation delivery products. This team for example, pioneered the AERx pulmonary delivery platform that was tested in thousands of patients with drugs and biologics including insulin, fentanyl, erythropoietin and nicotine. With the depth of experience and expertise in inhalation delivery, Aradigm is uniquely positioned to develop a portfolio of its own products to treat patients with severe respiratory diseases. The current pipeline includes an inhaled antibiotic being developed for the treatment of bronchiectasis*, cystic fibrosis and for biodefense, and inhaled nicotine for smoking cessation.


* If you would like to see a video explaining what bronchiectasis is, please, click on this icon:







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